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Progressive Options is a Clone, Mother, Seed NURSERY collective. We specialize in rare and elite genetics. The importance of obtaining verified and REAL genetics is crucial for the medical cannabis community. We do our best to bring you the highest quality genetics possible.

We Strictly operate in accordance to Prop.215, SB420, and all Local City Regulations.

There are always clones, mothers and seeds available at the collective for grabs.

Here is our Genetic Data base. This is the collection we currently hold. Give us a call or Email us at if you guys have any questions or if anyone needs to reserve cuttings...

Albert Walker (old school sativa, extreme potency)
PNW Purple Indica (Ultraviolet from Seattle)
Chemdawg D
--TEMP OUT OF STOCK--Chemdawg 4
Chemdawg 91 (Apothecary's cross)
OG Kush Fire (original clone only, not from Cali Conn. seeds, Gorilla seeds, Socal seeds)
OG Kush Super (North Hollywood's elite cut)
OG Kush Private Reserve (Venice's elite cut)
OG Kush Diablo
OG Kush Jedi (OGK x Dutch Passion's Skywalker)
OG Kush Platinum
OG Kush Poison
OG Kush Tahoe (original clone only, not from Cali Conn. seeds, Gorilla seeds, Socal seeds)
OG Kush Hells Angels
OG Kush Larry (original clone only, not from Cali Conn. seeds, Gorilla seeds, Socal seeds)
OG Kush SFV (original clone only, not from Cali Conn. seeds, Gorilla seeds, Socal seeds)
OG Kush Banana (Orgnkid's high yielding ogk cross)
OG Kush #18 (Reserva Prada's Cannabis Cup winner)
OG Kush Madman (Abusive's OGK x La Confidential)
Bubba Kush Original (PRE Pre-98!!)
Bubba Kush Katsu
Bubba Kush Pre-98
Bubba Kush 7WK
--TEMP OUT OF STOCK --Bubba Kush Mandarin (Bubba Kush x mystery citrus sativa)
Bubba Kush North Hollywood
Bubba Kush Purple
Bubba Kush High Yielding S1
Bubba Kush Great Tasting S1
Sour Kush (Orgnkid's Ghost? OGK x Sour Diesel)
Headband 707 (Sour Diesel Bx1)
La Confidential (OGK pheno)
SoCal Master Kush
Cataract Kush (DNA's OGK Bx1)
LA Pure Kush (Suge's cut)
Platinum Kush (Master Kush x Afgani)
Golden Sour kush ((Sour Diesel x OGK) x Malawi Gold)
Kushberry (DNA's OGK x Oregon Blueberry)
G-13 Airbourne
G-13 Pacific
Gtard7 (HiEagle's Airboure G13 x Pine Tar Kush)
Double Widow (White Widow x Black Widow)
Maui Wowie
Cherry Pez
Maui Sour Dawg (orignal Chem91 x Maui Sativa)
NL#5 (circa 80')
SourBubble (BOG's Bubblegum cross)
Guava (landrace Hawaiian sativa)
--TEMP OUT OF STOCK--Ortega (Breeder Steve's original cut)
Agent Orange (Subcool's amazing cirus sativa)
C99 pineapple pheno
C99 grapefruit pheno (Wally Duck's F5)
Casey Jones (Joeshmoe's cut huge yielder)
Alaskan ThunderFuck (Alaskan landrace sativa huge yield)
Catpiss San Diego (Zilla's cut)
UK Cheese
Kali (landrace Afghani)
Chocolope (DNA's CC winner Chocolate Thai x Cannalope Haze)
Original Haze (TFD's circa 80's)
Tangerine Haze (Soma's NYCD X (G-13 x Haze) circa 84')
Super Silver Haze (12 week electric haze pheno)
Super Lemon Haze (Greenhouses CC winner)
Cannalope Haze (DNA's CC winner)
AK-47 (Serious Seeds cherry pheno)
Grape Ape
Lemon Skunk (DNA's)
Superskunk (Raskal's cut Sensi Seeds circa 93')
SK#1 (Super Sativa Seed Club's original circa 80's)
Querkle (Purple Urkle x SpaceQueen)
Strawberry Diesel (Strawberry Cough x Sour Diesel)
Gods Gift (Mendo Purps x C99, fast finishing indica pheno)
God Bud (BC Depots CC winner, SUPER HEAVY indica)
Blue Dream (Blueberry x SSH)
Ken's GDP x Fire OGK
1979 Post Soviet Afghan
Purple Urkle
Black Domina (pure indica pheno)
Blue Moonshine (DJ's)
Flo (from DJ's Motherplant)
Blueberry (from DJ's Motherplant)
Dabney Blueberry
Schrom (Schrooomy's Romulan x Columbian gold)
XJ-13 (Jack Herrer x G-13)
Jack Herrer (NL#5 pheno)
Salmon Creek Big Bud
Critical Mass
Harvey Wallbanger Sativa (Old school pure sativa)

C99 (Grapefruit pheno)
SoCal Master kush Bx1

Julius Caeser 2 phenos (Cali Conn. Socal Master x SFV OGK)
Death ((NL x WW) x Afghani)
Grape Ape x C99 (Dr. Bloom's cross)
DJ's Blueberry x C99 (Dr. Bloom'S Cross)
Black Thai
OGK x Lemonade (Orgnkid's cross)
OGK Valley Cut (one of the most potent OGK cuts)

Endless Sky (Iranian Indica x Grenadine)
Lemon Thai (Dutch Flower's 10 week pheno)
West Coast Dog (Rumored mother of Bubba Kush)
LambsBread (Jamacian sativa)

Seeds upcoming
PNW Purple Indica x OGK
SuperSkunk x OGK
Grape Ape x OGK
Albert Walker x OGK
Salmon Creek Big bud x OGK


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