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Gov. Brewer Signs Measure To Ban MMJ On Campuses

By Reuters 
Source: Reuters 

medical Phoenix -- Arizona's Republican Governor Jan Brewer signed into law on Tuesday a bill to ban medical marijuana from being used on the campuses of state universities and community colleges in the latest salvo in a long-running battle over legalization of the drug.

Arizona's move to bar the drug's use on campus is the latest in a drive to roll back laws legalizing the therapeutic use of marijuana, which remains classified as an illegal narcotic under U.S. federal law.

Last Updated on Sunday, 08 April 2012 04:51.

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Medical Marijuana Delay Hurts Patients Across N.J.

By Amy Brittain, The Star-Ledger 
Source: Star-Ledger 

medical New Jersey -- New Jersey’s health department has caused undue suffering to patients across the state by failing to implement the medical marijuana program, a patient and doctor claim in a lawsuit that is expected to be filed Wednesday.The lawsuit comes only a week after the owner of one of the state’s six planned dispensaries also took aim at Gov. Chris Christie and the health department, sending a heated letter that alleged state officials were purposefully stalling the program.

Last Updated on Sunday, 08 April 2012 04:49.

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Agents in Oakland Raid Leader of MMJ Movement

By Lee Romney, Joe Mozingo and John Hoeffel 
Source: Los Angeles Times 

medical Oakland -- Federal agents struck at the heart of California's medical marijuana movement, raiding the nation's first pot trade school and a popular dispensary, both run by one of the state's most prominent and provocative activists, Richard Lee.The raids in Oakland by the Internal Revenue Service and Drug Enforcement Administration sent a shudder through the medical cannabis trade and angered the plant's devotees, who believe the federal government is trampling on California law and the wishes of voters who approved medical marijuana use nearly 16 years ago.

Last Updated on Sunday, 08 April 2012 04:48.

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Examining Marijuana Arrests

Source: New York Times 

cannabis New York -- The New York State Legislature showed good sense when it exempted people convicted of low-level marijuana possession from having to submit DNA to the state database, unless they have been convicted of a previous crime. Still, the state must do more to curb the arrests of tens of thousands of people each year in New York City for minor possession of marijuana, despite a 1977 state law that decriminalized it.

Last Updated on Sunday, 08 April 2012 04:39.

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Federal Agents Raid Medical Marijuana University

By The Associated Press 
Source: Associated Press 

medical Oakland, Calif. -- Federal agents on Monday raided a San Francisco Bay area medical marijuana training school at the heart of California’s pot legalization movement.

The doors to Oaksterdam University in downtown Oakland were cordoned off by yellow tape and blocked by U.S. marshals. Agents from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration carted trash bags of unknown materials out of the school to a waiting van.

Arlette Lee, an IRS spokeswoman, told reporters that agents were serving a federal search warrant but said she could not otherwise comment on the purpose of the raid.

Last Updated on Sunday, 08 April 2012 04:45.

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